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At A Plus Plastics we understand the paramount importance of safety and secure storage, which is why our products are designed to be durable and long lasting. Whether it's for office archives, home offices, or off-site storage, we offer an extensive range of stackable and nestable products that ensure maximum storage efficiency.

Our nesting crates are ideal for bulk storage and provide safe and stackable storage options. Additionally, our recycled nesting crates offer sustainable storage solutions that minimise environmental impact while maintaining durability and security. Our security crates provide superior protection for sensitive materials and confidential documents, ensuring complete peace of mind. Our skates allow for easy transport, optimising relocation services and supporting efficient inventory management. Whether it's for relocation or daily storage needs, our range of products ensures safe and secure storage options, maximising productivity and convenience. Trust A Plus Plastics to deliver customised solutions that meet your relocation and security storage needs with excellence, efficiency, and reliability.

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Relocation Crates Brochure

A Plus Plastics range of relocation crates are specifically designed to provide a solution for secure document storage applications required in commercial and domestic relocation.

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