Make moving easy with relocation crates

Make moving easy with relocation crates

Relocating or moving offices is never an easy – or joyful – experience. Aside from the general chaos associated with moving offices, one of the most stressful parts of moving is relocating all the documents that your business has kept stored away over the years.

While businesses today can convert many physical documents and records into digital formats, some areas of your business, such as accounting, accounts payable and purchase orders, still require both digital and physical records to be kept.

As most of these documents need to be kept for around seven years, it’s vital that they are stored in a safe manner that guarantees their longevity. This is where A Plus Plastics’ range of Relocation Crates can help you. Available in 68L and 34L capacity versions, our Relocation Crates are ideal for storage and transportation of all your important documents. So, what is it that makes them suitable for your needs?

Durable and crushproof

  • Double wall design: Adds additional strength to the overall structure, especially when under heavy loads. It also protects the corners of the crate, which can be an issue with other storage boxes.
  • Rib system: This specialised system is incorporated into the interlocking lid, which ensures that weight pressing down from above is evenly distributed, reducing crushing damage while in storage or being transported.
  • Water resistant: Made from commercial grade polypropylene, your documents will be protected from inclement weather conditions that would otherwise see them destroyed.

User friendly and efficient

  • Lightweight: These crates are easier to handle and make short work of packing and moving.
  • Compatibility: A Plus Plastics Relocation Crates are equipped with hang rails for suspension files, and these crates are also compatible with standard, legal and specialty files, along with lever arch files and books.

WHS friendly

  • A Plus Plastics Relocation Crates are designed to reduce strain when lifting. With ergonomically designed handles for easy grip, and rounded edges to reduce the risk of injury, they can also be equipped with an optional Skate for easily moving multiple crates at the one time.


  • Our range of Relocation Crates provide for optimal storage whether full or empty. With previously mentioned features, they can be easily and safely stacked one on top of one another for space-saving storage. They can also ‘nest’ (stacked inside each other) in a corner, taking up very little space.

Environmentally friendly

  • A Plus Plastics Relocation Crates produce minimal greenhouse gas emissions during manufacture, and our production processes use less energy and produces less waste than cardboard.
  • A Plus Plastics Relocation Crates have on average a 10-year lifespan and can be recycled at the end of their life.

Our Relocation Crates have been engineered to withstand the rigours of storage and transportation in order to protect your important documents. To find out more about our range, contact us on (02) 9603 2088 or fill out our online enquiry form.

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