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Holloway Group is the parent and service arm of A Plus Plastics. It specialises in plastic injection moulding, a versatile manufacturing process that uses thermoplastic and thermosetting materials to create a wide range of products. It's 14 state of the art, energy efficient moulding machines are all coupled with robotics ensuring consistency through quality and cycle time.

It has the capacity to mould products from 5 grams in weight up to a massive 14kg, along with the ability to lift 21 tonne moulds using our unique overhead crane systems.

With an expert team of industrial designers and tooling professionals, Holloway Group can produce custom moulds and precision machined parts for any industry or application. From small components to large body panels for vehicles, injection moulding is a reliable and cost-effective method for producing high-quality plastic parts.

Holloway Group can process an extensive range of engineering polymers, including ABS, GPPS, HDPE, LDPE, PA6, PC, PETG, POM, PP, PPS, PTFE, PUR and TPEs. By utilizing the latest technologies and materials, Holloway Group offers sustainable, Australian-made solutions for all your plastic injection moulding needs.

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